9,933 Followers, 29 Following, 1 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Nokukhanya MaYeni Mseleku (@mayenimseluku) mayenimseluku. Mnakwethu is based on anything that has to do with Isithembu (polygamy). Published by Ameenat Hamzat I think traditionally I was supposed to be part of her welcoming party but I refused to be involved in any way., ALSO READ: Musa Mseleku: MaNgwabe and MaYeni can leave if I take wife number 5. Join 5,000+ others. He was quick to report that this was not true since they were all focused on business as they expanded into a tourism line and relaunched their book. Thobile Mseleku has been described by her husband as an open book. Despite having four wives already, Musa Mseleku seems to have an insatiable appetite for women. 2012) and Zenande (2017). Twitter: @MselekuMusa. He became known to South Africans because of his reality tv show Uthando Nesthembu. Many have asked themselves the question who is Musa Mseleku, after he suddenly became a sensation for his polygamous lifestyle. On their girls' trip, MaNgwabe organises for the sister-wvies to play a rose game that leaves MaYeni roseless in hopes of sparking a bond and introspection among the ladies. Last week viewers learned that Busisiwe 'MaCele' Mseleku and Nokukhanya 'MaYeni . This is normal as the man splurges on his polygamous family so what does Musa Mseleku do for a living? Biography. Mbali MaNgwabe Mseleku is the fourth wife of Musa Mseleku, but she is a few years older than Thobile MaKhumalo. It certainly wont make you the talk of the town because it was totally normal, and most men then were married to more than one wife. The South African reality began to premier on screen in 2017 and somehow, the show has managed to became South Africas favorites show. Musa Mselekus marriage to Nokukhanya MaYeni would never have happened if the circumstances surrounding it was to be considered. Men interested in polygamy write in to the show in the hopes of being guided by renowned polygamist Musa Mseleku of Uthando Nes'thembu. If at all he involves himself in business, then Musa Mseleku business must be worth so much. Musa is convinced that MaCele will never leave him. He made the decision to be polygamous since he wanted numerous children and nothing could stop him. After a picture of her posing with the Mselekus surfaced online, many concluded that she was Musa Mselekus 5th wife only for her to burst the bubble. She has taken Sne as her own and tries to bring the family together. The South African MaYeni who is a fashion entrepreneur is currently 41 years old. This led Musa to begin a relationship with MaCele and marry her first. MaCele adds that the TV host and businessman went on to marry MaSaule who died in a car accident before their hit reality TV family uThando Nesthembu. She works as a nurse and is dedicated to her career, much to the annoyance of Musa Mseleku who complains that she doesnt have time for her family. He wanted to marry Mayeni first; however, while waiting for her parents approval, he started seeing MaCele and eventually married her. Apart from being a businessman, Musa is also a reality TV star. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Mangwabe Mseleku, the fourth wife, is a quiet woman who can keep grudges for a long time. Musa Mseleku Biography, Age, Wives, Children, Career & Net Worth . The tables have turned and the wife has left her husband after he tried to take on another wife". When we say that Musa Mseleku has opened his home to Mzansi, we dont just mean it figuratively, it is literal. A post shared by Musa Mseleku (@musamseleku) MaCele Mseleku is Musa Mseleku's first wife. They are Mpumelelo (17), Mnini (5) and Obanzi (23 months). MaCele Busisiwe is the first wife, followed by MaYeni Nokhukhanya. Mayeni was previously Multimedia Broadcast Journalist for BBC World News, and reported on this year's Angolan presidential elections from Luanda. Musa Mseleku reportedly had a wife before he married his first wife MaCele. As of June 2017, Mamkhulu owned two Mercedes Benz cars she has been spotted driving. In 2017, Musa Mseleku launched a reality TV show called Uthando Nesthembu, which means Love and Polygamy. The show, which is aired on Mzansi Magic, is filmed at Musa Mselekus rural homestead near Durban, in KwaZulu-Natals South Coast, where each wife has a house on the same huge expanse of land. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Musa Mseleku: MaNgwabe and MaYeni can leave if I take wife number 5, uThando Nesthembu viewers react to Musa Mselekus emotional episode, Who is Sim Dope? Musa Mseleku has ten children from three of his four wives. After his mothers death, Mseleku was out again in search of work. He believes that his wives will come around and will finally accept his decision. In the process of awaiting their approval, since he had already made up his mind that polygamy was his fate, he met his first wife Macele and married her. macele mseleku instagram. All Rights Reserved. Your email address will not be published. Musa currently has four spouses and ten children. Nokukhanya MaYeni arrived at the venue in a boat, looking so beautiful. She has been described as the calm one but will go ahead an push back if need be. In 2008, he got married to MaYeni at the South Africa Department of Home Affairs (DHA), and then in 2019 five days after he traditionally married his first wife they had their white and traditional wedding. She is also raising Snenhlanhl, Musa's daughter from a failed . Joyce Mseleku Nomathemba is his late mother while his late grandmother is known as Phiwe Flo Dingile Mseleku. Are you a true House of Zwide soapie superfan? . Considering her position as the fourth wife, it is obvious that she knew what she was getting into before accepting to be one of Musas wives. In 2009, he married his third and fourth wives, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe. She is believed to be worth a lot of money. Mseleku and MaCele's traditional wedding was a big hit. Musa Mseleku. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. About 300 guests graced the occasion. Particularly polygamous ones, because it involves a few more partners. READ ALSO: Sandile Shezi biography: net worth, foundation, wife (girlfriend), house, cars and instagram. Busisiwe MaCele has 3 children for her husband, Musa Mseleku Lwandle (b. MaYeni who is part of a polygamous marriage was frank about her feelings saying it was just supposed to be her and Musa. He is popularly known for his polygamous lifestyle. This might be the most interesting part of Musa Mselekus biography. Decades ago, polygamy was not something that turned heads in South Africa as it wasnt an anomaly. All of his wives live separately in nice houses which can be considered as Musa Mseleku houses. She became a South African celebrity after she landed a role in Uthando Nesthembu and the reality show premiers every night Thursday. He has other business enterprises much of which are not known to the public. MaYeni has been advertising her dresses on . The man himself drives a Mercedez Benz ML SUV and reportedly has 15 cars in his garage. The two have three children Mpumelelo who was born in 2002, Mnini who was born in 2014 and Obanzi who was born in 2017. Founder EYODO. Many have asked themselves the question who is Musa Mseleku, after he suddenly became a sensation for his polygamous lifestyle. Musa Mseleku has made up his mind to be polygamous in this 21st century. She died on August 21, 2000 in Soweto, South Africa. The picture came about after she bumped into the Mselekus and as is the norm these days, asked for a selfie only for her to trend widely on social media as Musa Mselekus 5th wife. He completed his secondary education at Sister Joans High School and then went to the University of KwaZulu Natal. Mseleku blew him money away on unnecessary things and it took a friends advice for him to change his lifestyle. All that counts to him is that he looks after his wives and family. A little while ago, her husband Musa Mseleku gift her and her co-wives new Mercedes Benz cars to appreciate them. "Don't do what you are doing. Early Life and Education Ida Betty Odinga was born asIda Anyango Oyoo on August 24th, 1950 in Migori, Kenya. Born in 1977, she is the mother of three of her husband's children; Lwandle (18 years old, born in 2003), Abongwe (16 years old, born in 2005), and Owami (9 years old, born in 2012). August 12, 2022 - Present. He used for Durban Youth Radio as a journalist before moving on to SBC News. Albeit, not for someone like Musa Mseleku. . She is currently married, and is a wife to the popular ZA polygamist, Musa Mseleku. He even admitted that the task was daunting and thus aborted his mission. "Even from the beginning it was supposed to be our thing together, just Musa and I. His end game here is to dispel the myth that polygamous marriages dont work. Their marriage did not last for long as Sindi passed away in a road accident. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Mamkhulu has three children with her husband, Musa Mseleku. She has two children for her husband Mawande (b. With consistency, Musa Mseleku ended up making his first million. Musa had a fifth wife, Sindi Saule, who was discovered by Mzansi in 2018. His first wife is MaCele Mseleku who birth him a beautiful baby in 2020. Musa Mseleku's business, if he engages in it at all, must be extremely valuable. Image: Twitter/Mzansi Magic. He is 46 years old as of 2023. Musa Museluku married MaCele Busisiwe (42). Queen Lolly claimed to be in a sexual relationship with AKA since Valentine's Day, 2022. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. They are Lwandle (born in 2003), Abongwe (born in 2005), Owani (born in 2012), Mpumelelo (born in 2002), Mnini (born in 2014), Obanzi (born in 2017), Mawande (born in 2012) and Zenande (born in 2017) and his two daughters. He married MaYeni Nokhukhanya (37) in 2007. MaKhumalo has also expressed her disappointment. 27 Nov 2017. [email protected]. Polygamist and reality show star Musa Mseleku, will not give up on his mission to marry a 5th wife despite MaCele's ultimatum. She also says it when she likes or dislikes something and asserts her authority as the first wife of the family when it is needed. MaYeni who is mostly known as Nokukhanya is a popular South African female tv personality and also doubles as a fashion entrepreneur. He is popularly known for his polygamous lifestyle. Musa was lately on the lookout for wife number five, and even Petronella from The Queen was interested. Musa Mseleku who is 43-year-old is a man from KwaZulu-Natal, with four wives and 10 children. What Is Kwenzo Ngcobo Biography and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend? Follow Mamkhulu on Instagram @_mamkhulu_mseleku.zn. The funny side of things was that on both instances (the cheating and the marriage episode), she confronted Musa Mseleku, and even though he never denied the occurrences, he still managed to assure her that he never loved her any less regardless of what was happening and she ended up forgiving him. You see, Musa Mseleku is a polygamous man and in the 21st century, such practices are deemed to be backward. In addition to that, each of them owns two cars. 5 Interesting Facts About MaYeni Mseleku. Copyright All rights reserved . She leaves no unturned stones, and dish it as it is. Makhumalo Mseleku biography. On this page, we have few information about Mayeni Mseleku, check out her age, children, husband, estimated net worth etc. Just like his father,Musa Mselekus son Mpumelelois a polygamist. The polygamist flew to Johannesburg after singer Queen Lolly claimed to have been intimate with a member of Mseleku. 2012). Mseleku was born in Umzumbe Kwa-Madlala, South Africa in 1975. The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". The first, Snenhlanhla (23 years) lives with his first wife MaCele while the youngest wife MaKhumalo takes care of Mpiloenhle (16years). For dinner with the businessman, women from all walks of life had to pay R5000. Ayanda Borotho, a devout feminist, had a few words to say. Although she is the 2nd wife, she has been with Musa longer than MaCele. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. most valuable marvel comic books This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The radio presenter takes care of Mpiloenhle (b. Although she is the 2nd wife, she has been with Musa longer than MaCele. Musa Mseleku began his career as a journalist at Ukhozi FM before becoming a businessman. The reality TV star is married to MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe. Find 5 facts about her below. Wealthy businessman and reality star Musa Mseleku is living the life many men can only dream of. The second wife of the Mseleku He had his primary school education at Denver Zoar Mission school In Umzumbe then proceeded to Prince Ngamizizwe School for his secondary education. Mamkhulu is a very classy woman who rides in style thanks to her wealth. MaYeni and Musa wedded in 2007, first in a civil ceremony and two years later, the businessman threw his second bride a lavish white wedding at the Umtamvuna River Lodge. Minnie Dlamini Throws Ex Quinton Jones Shade? It must be difficult to live in a household where you must share the man you adore. Rumours that she was the anticipated fifth wife emerged when Musa Mseleku posted a photo of him with her . He married his first wife, MaCele, in 2002 and welcomed MaYeni as his second wife five years later. She is also raising his daughter from a failed relationship he was involved in before his marriage. However, it was reported that Musa had not taken his newfound love in because some of his wives were not in support of the new addition to the family. MaCele adds that she had conditions when he said he wanted a second wife. The uThando Nesthembu reality stars will co-host the 13-part talk show which premieres Monday, 7 February at 9 pm on SABC 1. Describing his fourth wife, Musa Mseleku, says she is good at holding onto offenses long after the offender (mostly himself) has forgotten that there was an offense. He was born in Umzumbe Kwa-Madlala. He welcomes all those who are interested to visit his home and get a front-row seat into what life is like for a polygamous family. ALSO READ: Musa Mseleku has FOUR wives and is still AGAINST polyandry! The two met when Musa was dating Makhumalo and got married in 2009. Although theres been wide speculation thatMusa Mseleku and his fourth wife MaNgwabewere headed for divorce, the pair rubbished the claims and stated that the reporters only aimed at producing click-bait stories. 1 post. I was sent by your mothers. The book serves as insight from a man who is a successful polygamist to young men who may want to follow his path in their marital life. In practically every marriage, there are multiple layers of dysfunction. Owner at Eve's Eatery Cuisine Restaurant. This has earned her a lot of respect from the public despite her shortcomings. On Wednesday, Mseleku shared a video of him meeting with his son at OR Tambo International Airport where he relayed advice from his four wives, Busisiwe "MaCele" Mseleku, Nokukhanya "Mayeni . Yes you can protest against your husband but legally you do not have the power you had in a civil marriage., ALSO READ: uThando Nesthembu viewers react to Musa Mselekus emotional episode. Nokukhanya MaYeni has always threatened to divorce Musa Mseleku because of his polygamous nature, even though she already knows who he is. It has been reported that Musa has more than 15 cars. Musa was in love with MaYeni (who was later married as the second wife), but her parents refused to marry her into a polygamous home. Here's a sneak peek. -. His first business as a shop owner failed but his second, food business was a success. Nokukhanya, known as MaYeni, wed Musa at home affairs over 10 years ago and now she's getting her white wedding, with their traditional wedding at Musa's KwaMadlala home the following day. Some time back though, news about Musa Mseleku 5th wife as people interpreted his Merc car gifts to the four wives as his way of smoothing them for another wife and addition tot he family. As a result, Musa married MaCele and later rekindled his romance with MaYeni. Later, he enrolled in Prince Ngamizizwe School for his secondary school education. His first wife is MaCele Mseleku who birth him a beautiful baby in 2020. Musa Mseleko is on a mission. The outspoken MaYeni makes it no secret that she was never ready for the 3rd and 4th wives, and she threatens to leave should Musa bring a 5th wife. He, on the other hand, goes on to remark that she is open and expresses her feelings when something has to be said. She has been called Queen-like and sometimes mean by viewers, but she always carries herself with dignity. She then gave him the permission he wanted for a second wife but said she was not getting involved in anything. In a video he posted to social media he is seen and heard saying: "the situation is bad, tough and heavy. She said she would not be living in the same yard as another woman and she moved out of the family home. MaYeni spends the day helping little Mnini plant seeds and feed his chickens . He was born in 1975 in Mzumbe, Kwa-Madlala, and as of 2021, Musa Mseleku is 46 years old. Musa Msleku built four luxurious houses for his wives which are all in KwaZulu Natal. Follow. The polygamist appeared on Old Mutual's On the Money . The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". Macele, the first wife seems to be the only wife that cares about the other children from Musa's life as the other wives seem oblivious. The former dissects the subject of polygamy: its meaning, practice, different dynamics, and misunderstandings. He intends to father 20 children, and his wife, MaCele, does not have a problem with that. He also worked for Durban Youth Radio and SBC News as a journalist. Address: Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, London, SW6 4TJ. Thobile is the youngest wife and is yet to give Musa Mseleku a child. Musa Mseleku is a man that not many can be like. She has 3 beautiful children with her husband Musa Mseleku. He works for Ugu District Municipality and is in charge of rural areas. Many people in Mzansi would have never heard of him if it hadn't been for Mzansi Magic's new reality show, Uthando Nesthembu, which airs every Thursday night. Musa might bein pursuit of a fifth wifebut has denied allegations that Namhla Mpondo is the addition. Musa Mseleku is married to four beautiful wives, namely; Busisiwe "MaCele" Mseleku, Nokukhanya "Mayeni" Mseleku, Thobile, aka "MaKhumalo", and Mbali, aka "MaNgwabe." He is a proud polygamist and never shies away from gushing over his . They will also share topics ranging from in-laws, intimacy, sex in the marriage, finances, gender-based violence, and parenting. He also said that she is open and speaks about her feelings when there is something to point out. He confirmed that he wasnt interested in joining politics and instead, use his time and money to uplift other members of the community. He matriculated from Sister Joans High School in 1993 and graduated from University of Kwazulu Natal in 1997. Their kids names are; Mpumelelo, Mnini and Obanzi. She tells the publication that she dated Mseleku for about two years before getting married. Cape Town - Uthando NeSthembu star Musa Mseleku and his second wife MaYeni tied the knot in a lavish white wedding ceremony recently. Away from work, he is a football Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku Biography, Age, Family. He is a wealthy man and has demonstrated his financial might to everyone. She is currently married, and is a wife to the popular ZA polygamist, Musa Mseleku. Are you excited to visit? Furthermore, the businessman has stated his unwillingness to sire a child outside natural means. Born in 1975 in Mzumbe, Kwa-Madlala, Musa Mseleku started his education at Denver Zoar Mission School in Umzumbe. . MaCele, on the other hand, did not appear fond of her, and when Musa requested her to visit her tomb with the other wives, she refused to talk about her at all. 1996). New to Naijabiography? MaCele adds that the TV host and businessman went on to marry MaSaule who died in a car accident before their hit reality TV family uThando Nesthembu. It's as if she forgets that in the beginning she refused to be in polygamous marriage. Mseleku was born in Umzumbe Kwa-Madlala, South Africa in 1975. Considering how expensive it is to take care of one wife and whatever the number of children she can bear, one would wonder why Musa Mseleku has decided to be polygamous. She lives in Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. As the first wife of Musa Mseleku, Mamkhulu was the first to handle the family business before making way for the other wives to be a part of it. The businessman is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. He also runs the Phiwe Ukufunda programme that caters for the needy. He went on to High school at Prince Ngamizizwe school. Musa had a fifth wife, Sindu Saule but she passed away in a ghastly car accident a few years ago. This is simply because MaYeni Mseleku gives viewers of Uthando Nesthembu what they want. You are already subscribed to our newsletter! He is popularly known for his polygamous lifestyle. Musa Mselekus date of birth is 22 June 1975. His second wife is named Mayeni Mseleku. She didnt fully accept their situation in the beginning and came up with all sorts of excuses. MaCele who is also referred to as MaKhumalo is a businesswoman. 'Uthando Nes'thembu' star Musa Mseleku said he has no regrets about marrying his four beautiful wives. Musa established the Phiwe Ukufunda initiative, which helps the less fortunate. Musa Mseleku has since begun dating MaKhumalos sister, a move that has angered a section of his fans. | Youth Village South Africa By, Please turn off your ad blocker first to read this article, Funeral and Memorial Details of Lentswe Bhengu Released, Rami Chuene Takes Us Back to One of Her Most Hilarious Scenes Playing TGOM On The Queen, Thembisa Nxumalo Shows a Glimpse of Her Husband as He Celebrates His Big Day, 10 Interesting Facts About Scandal!s Siphesihle Zondi (Malume Jakes), Ayanda Thabethe Once Again Gets Mistaken for Miss South Africa Runner Up, Inspirational! He is a polygamist who has four wives with ten children. He has to fulfill the wedding desires for the other wives since he already started the journey. Evidently, Nokukhanya is the 2nd wife, the first wife MaCele has not always been the first to know Musa. | She iswife number oneand has borne Musa Mseleku three children Lwandle who was born in 2003, Abongwe who was born in 2005 and Omwani who was born in 2012. Born in 1975, in Mzumbe, KwaZulu-Natal province, Mseleku has also drawn the attention of many to himself by earning a spot on the list of wealthy polygamists in South Africa. Musa is a famous radio and TV star and businessman who has been described as a humble, loving man whose priority is to provide for his family. Musa Mseleku advices his son Mpumelelo Musa Mseleku Jnr. Mseleku told BBC trending radio that his aim for launching the reality show was to show people another side of polygamy contrary to what they already believe. Musa Mseleku was born on 22 June 1975 in Mzumbe, Kwa-Madlala. The couple had a beautiful traditional wedding at KwaMadlala, with Musa dressed in the traditional Zulu Attire and MaCele beautifully dressed in Isidwaba (a traditional black skirt), with Ubuhlalu (beads) draped over her shoulders and Isicholo (a flared hat) with a white veil that covered her face. MaNgwabe has borne two children for his polygamous husband Mawande who was born in 2012 and Zenande who was born in 2017. This time, he went into the food business. Revisiting Robert Marawa vs Fikile Mbalulas Beef. She was an actress, known for Sarafina! Musa Mseleku, who has four wives and ten children, is a polygamist. She met him in 1997 but her parents disapproved of their relationship because of Musa Mselekus polygamous tendencies. Nokukhanya, also known as MaYeni has been with Musa Mseleku for over 10 years. MaYeni is a South Africa businesswoman popular known from the reality TV show Uthando Nes'thembu. He has four different beautiful houses, and each wife lives with their children in their own house. "Don't do what you are doing. He has four wives with ten children and features on the reality show, Uthando Nesthembu which airs on Mzansi Magic every Thursday night. It seems Musa Mseleku's marriage is on the rocks. He welcomed MaYeni into his family five years after he married his first wife. A married man now has totally lost the right to look at another woman as just looking could get you some cold dinner from your significant other. 29 following. In 2009, he married MaNgwabe Mbali(36) and Thobile (31). She still insists that she will make good her threats of divorcing him and starting a new life with her children Mpumelelo (b. Musa Mseleku married his first wife MaCele Mseleku in 2002, his second wife MaYeni Mseleku in 2007, his third wife MaKhumalo Thobile Mseleku in 2009 and got a fifth wife in McNgwabe. I knew that I would not be able to cope knowing that my husband was just next door at another wifes house and I could not be with him.. Image via Twitter @MusaMseleku_. The parents had no problem with a polygamous arrangement. He makes this through his reality television show, home tours, and his published books. Mseleku was born in Umzumbe Kwa-Madlala, South Africa in 1975. MaCele isn't afraid to speak her mind. She has also dated top celebrities like Big Zulu, Teko Modise, Masker KG, and Mpumelelo Mseleku. Since he came to the limelight, questions have been raised about Musa Mselekus wealth. Divorce update! Tweeps wasted no time in expressing their dissatisfaction with the show's tone and overall organization. The Alleged Musas fifth wife is Faith Duma, the founder of an organisation called Women Empowered by Faith. Already, he has 10 of them from three of his four wives. So, how does Musa manage in this difficult economic climate, others might ask? He also works in community development at Ugu District Municipality where he is in charge of the rural areas. Perhaps thats true because this is where Musa Mseleku started. MaCele Mseleku, popularly known as Mamkhulu, is a South African reality star and businesswoman. He is 46 years old as of 2021. Musa Mselekus date of birth is 22 June 1975 which means his age is 47. MaCele Mseleku, popularly known as Mamkhulu, is a South African reality star and businesswoman. In the same vein, thinking about (and then talking about) marrying a second wife as a married man is almost considered a sacrilege. Musa Mselekus fourth wife MaNgwabe has threatened to divorce him should he go on with his plan to marry a fifth wife. Unfortunately, she passed away in a fatal car crash. The exact net worth of Mamkhulu MaCele Mseleku is unknown to the public. His daughters name is Snenhlanhla (b. Oct 16, 2021, 07:56 PM In fact, they said that they were happier than ever before and that separation has never been in the cards. This show is about polygamy. He has a couple of books to his credit, and they include Life and Polygamy (2013) and How I Made My First Million: And How You Can Also Do It (2020).
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