Top 10 Wellbeing Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner! We all know what that means. Presents! And while there are many different kinds of meaningful presents on the market, there’s something particularly special about presenting a friend or loved one with a gift which shows you care about their wellbeing and has the potential to improve their quality of life – especially at a time when so many of us are struggling with our mental and emotional health.

It can be really hard to let someone you love know that you’re thinking of them when they are going through stressful and anxious times as it’s difficult to understand something you can’t see. So we’ve chosen a lovely selection of gifts including useful books, calming and relaxing candles, journals for noting worries and thoughts, alongside many more thoughtful gifts and cards for you to choose from.

Check out the gifts that made it on our must gift top ten!

1 – Lux Meditation Sanctuary Gift Box

After a year of heightened stress levels, bucketloads of anxiety and growing feelings of loneliness, there’s never been a better time to give someone a gift which will help them look after their emotional and physical wellbeing.

If your friend or family member is yet to discover the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, this gift box from yoga and wellness expert Aysha Bell is the ultimate beginner’s resource. Each box includes a scented candle, three guided meditations to download (one for the morning, one for the evening and one for any time), a box of hand blended linden flower and lemon balm tea bags and an affirmation card, among other things.

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2 – “Who Am I?” Guided Journal

With sections covering everything from love and relationships to sorrow and compassion, “Who am I?” is a guided journal packed with exercises to help them get to know themselves in 2022. This incredible book from The School of Life is the perfect gift for someone who wants to understand themselves better. Not only can getting to know our inner selves help us feel more confident about who we are, but it also equips us with the tools we need to deal with any emotional problems or flawed belief systems.

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3 – The Art of Rest by Claudia Hammond

Are you sleep deprived? Overthinking every situation you’ve ever been through in your life has kept you wide awake? Claudia Hammond addresses the sleep issue and the concept of rest in her stimulating book “The Art of Rest: How to Find Respite in the Modern Age”. Claudia helps you dive into the subject and determine the factors that get in the way of us getting the rest we need.

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4 – The A to Z of Mindfulness book

Life can get very hectic when you’re rushing from one place or one project to the next. This makes it even harder to take a moment to enjoy the time or place you’re in. It gets harder to find the time to take a step back and be mindful and grateful.

Mindfulness has been known to help with a number of conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress. And here is the perfect gift to help you start your mindfulness journey. This book provides a breakdown of illustrated techniques and exercises that you can practice daily or weekly or whenever you find yourself lost in your work that all your days seem to blend in. Help a friend learn to connect with themselves and the world around them with this thoughtful gift.

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5 – The Positive Wellness Combo (Journal and Planner)

Are you that one friend in your inner circle that is obsessed with planning ahead? No? Then you definitely have a friend who is! There seems to always be one friend in every circle that loves to

plan every little detail. Don’t worry, planning ahead is a good thing. It’s the overanalyzing and obsessive nature that creeps up on you that leads you towards the negative extreme. And this is the perfectly balanced wellbeing Christmas gift for the planner of the group.

Not only is this planner centered and focused on positivity, but you can also purchase the matching Positive Wellness Journal to balance the planning out with moments of mindfulness, reflection and gratitude. This is a 3-month journal dedicated to nourishing your mind, body and soul through creativity, movement and writing.

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6 – Pilates Ring

This is the perfect wellbeing Christmas gift for the fitness lover in your life. Help them take their workouts one step further and make the most out of their pilates session with this pilates ring. This ring also boosts bodyweight moves like squats and bridges to a whole new level. They’ll definitely feel the burn in their core and legs.

But of course, two is better than one! How fun would it be to start the new year with a workout buddy. Purchase two and join your loved one in their first workout of 2022 as a bonding experience!

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7 – Therapeutic Scented Candles

Give the gift of calm this Christmas with this self-care present which will help a loved one relax and unwind as we head into 2022. This Cosy Amber Scented Glass Candle by Janie Wilson is the perfect way to calm the storm in your mind. Amber is a calming, long-lasting fragrance that has a sweet woody element.

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8 – Meditation Cushion

Sometimes a meditation cushion is just what you need to elevate not only your body from the ground, but your soul away from the stress and anxiety your struggles have caused you. Handmade from Thailand, this meditation cushion will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

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9 – Healing crystals set

Never underestimate the power of healing crystals. With this healing stones set, you help a loved one embrace the healing power of mother nature, reach pure relaxation through gems like Amethyst, Aquamarine and Rose Quartz. Plus, it adds a bohemian chic look to their bedroom decor!

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10 – Silk & Satin Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Sleep is such an important part of our days, and it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep when all your worries and struggles are keeping you wide awake all through the night. This silk and satin beauty sleep gift set is a great aid to helping a friend relax at night. Help them take their beauty sleep to another level.

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The best part about Christmas gifts is buying something your loved ones want but will never get for themselves. Help someone slow down and de-stress with these wonderful gifts. Whether you’re looking for gifts for a friend, a family member or a coworker, these are the perfect presents with a positive wellbeing touch.

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