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“Evelyn's holistic approach to wellbeing and her experience in the corporate world have been life-changing for me. When I faced overwhelming challenges in both my personal and professional life, Evelyn's guidance helped me regain balance and clarity. She connected the dots between my stress at work and its impact on my overall wellbeing. With her support, I now have effective strategies to manage my workload and prioritize self-care. Highly recommended!”

— Lauren D.

“Working with Evelyn has been a game-changer for me. As a newbie coach, I felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to balance my work and personal life. Her expert guidance and mentoring helped me regain clarity, set boundaries, and find a harmonious work-life balance. Thanks to Evelyn and her team at Purisoul, I'm now thriving in my coaching business while enjoying a fulfilling personal life. Highly recommended!”

— Sarah A.

“Evelyn's evidence-based approach to grief support was a lifeline during a time of divorce and overwhelming loss. With her compassionate guidance, I found peace and learned practical strategies to process my emotions and manage overwhelming feelings. Through her support, I regained my sense of self, rebuilt relationships, and discovered that my grief journey is valid and supported. I'm forever grateful for Evelyn's empathetic and transformative approach.”

— Alison B.

“Being laid off from my corporate job was a major setback for me. I had no clue how to start my own business and felt lost. That's when I found Purisoul. Their personalized coaching and mentoring programs provided me with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. They guided me in setting up effective systems, finding clients, and creating a thriving business. Thanks to Purisoul, I'm now enjoying the freedom of being my own boss.”

— Matthew B.

“I can't thank Evelyn enough for her exceptional coaching and mentoring. As a newbie coach, I was clueless about the systems and strategies needed to succeed. Evelyn and her team at Purisoul provided me with a clear roadmap, helping me implement effective marketing techniques, streamline my business processes, and attract my ideal clients. Thanks to her invaluable guidance, I now have a thriving coaching practice and a solid foundation for long-term success.”

— Marian D.

“As a stressed-out PhD researcher, I was oblivious to the profound impact that change could have on my relationships and well-being. From struggling to get out of bed to feeling emotionally drained, I needed more than traditional counselling. That's when Evelyn entered my life. With her academic experience and evidence-based methods, she guided me through the complexities of my journey. Her holistic approach, including breathwork and Pilates, helped me rebuild my movement practice and release pent-up emotions. Evelyn's unwavering support and expertise transformed my healing and renewal journey. I'm forever grateful.”

— Louisa G.

“Working with Evelyn before, I knew the transformative power of her guidance. So, when I faced another breakup, I turned to her for assistance. With her Grief Busting Intensive, we revisited the tools and strategies she taught me before, releasing emotions tied to the breakup and regaining my sense of self. Evelyn's unwavering belief in my ability to take charge of my well-being empowered me to embrace healing with courage and resilience. Her compassionate support made all the difference. Thanks to Evelyn, I navigated grief, found clarity, and emerged stronger. Grateful for her invaluable support.”

— David M.

“As an expat returning home, I was facing numerous challenges and uncertainties. Life had changed, and I didn't know how to deal with it all. Thankfully, I found Evelyn. Her holistic approach and her experience as an expat helped me navigate the complexities of returning home. Through her coaching program, I gained clarity, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose. Evelyn provided me with the support I needed to embrace the changes and create a fulfilling life back in my home country.”

— Sinead R.

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