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Hiya! Meet Evelyn O’Donoghue, Founder and Mentor at Purisoul Wellbeing Agency

How much thought do you give to the pain you experience? In the past, I would have considered myself resourceful – until the moment I lost a cherished loved one. Right then and there, I realized how many of us have been told to give grieving time. Why? Why isn’t there a game plan to fill the void? Why is everything dependent on the ticking arms of a clock?

Do you know somebody who has waited decades to heal from their trauma? And if so, was the wait worth it? What changed? In the long term, how did their loss affect them mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially? Did they ever TRULY get over it?

I believe that we all have the keys within us to unlock and overcome our emotional pain. We can make peace with what life has thrown at us and move forward towards the goals that we have been dreaming of – but kept postponing until now.

As one of your wellbeing coaches, I will support you in your transformation journey. Take everything you know about occupational wellbeing strategies and toss them out of the nearest window. You will learn how to deal with burnout and transition from a down on their luck high achiever to an empowered human with a will to conquer the world (don’t conquer the world though – there aren’t enough wellbeing coaches for that).

Some of my experience includes:

  • Lecturing in the Middle East for 11+ years to 4,000+ students
  • Management as a Systems Implementation Specialist
  • A Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management
  • Fellowship at the UK’s Higher Education Authority
  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • Certified in Mat and Reformer Pilates, Pre/Post Natal, Back Rehab. & Functional Anatomy
  • Certified in Grief Recovery
  • Certified Project Manager

Our Mentors

Our mentors are global just like our brand and consist of wellbeing mentors, holistic health coaches, grief recovery specialists, movement specialists and business advisors motivated to be the backbone of the change we want to inspire. 

Our 360-degree approach to wellbeing consists of different types of e-learning, group and 1 to 1 mentor services and is backed up by the expertise of high calibre mentors from various sectors available to support our clients. 


Wellness Coach, Educator, Grief Recovery (GR) Specialist & Pilates Instructor


Couple/Parent/Child Relationship Therapist & GR Specialist


Vegan Nutritionist & General Fitness Coach


Executive Career Coach & GR Specialist


NLP, Mind Coach & GR Specialist


Master Yoga & Meditation Teacher


Family Therapist & GR Specialist, English & Arabic


Mediation & Mind-Body Facilitator


Yoga & Pilates Instructor

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