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Fed up with investing in coaches and mentors that deplete your resources? Purisoul Wellbeing offers a unique solution for efficient, cost-effective growth.

Our handpicked mentors and coaches, with over 20 years of experience, are dedicated to your holistic success. We hold them to the highest standards, ensuring they've been rigorously vetted for your benefit.

Our experts specialize in executive coaching, business coaching, project management, time management, conflict resolution, mentoring, and training, guiding you to your fullest potential in mind, body, and business.

Start your journey to holistic success in mind, body, and business. Explore our mentors and coaches below.


Are you an entrepreneur seeking to unlock your full potential?

Are you a startup founder or entrepreneur seeking to unlock your full potential?

Meet Evelyn, your dedicated Holistic Wellness Coach, Business Mentor, and Educator.

With a deep passion for holistic success and balance, Evelyn is committed to helping individuals and businesses thrive. With her extensive background in business mentoring, project management, and a Master's degree in Information Systems, she provides invaluable insights and strategies to drive your personal and professional growth.

As a certified coach, grief recovery specialist, and Pilates instructor, Evelyn guides you towards optimal wellbeing. With her love for working with startups, she understands the unique challenges and can help you overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Contact Evelyn today to embark on your transformative journey towards a fulfilling and balanced entrepreneurial life.


Are you ready to unlock your organization's full potential?

Are you ready to unlock your organization's full potential and drive transformative change?

Meet Teresa, Ireland's leading Organisational Wellbeing Psychologist and experienced coach.

With a wealth of expertise in education leadership, executive coaching, mediation, and psychometric testing, Teresa offers a comprehensive approach to maximize talent and achieve outstanding results.

What if you could tap into Teresa's deep understanding of the interdependence between education and business? Imagine gaining invaluable insights into the modern workplace, enhancing workforce engagement, and addressing critical issues head-on.

Now is the time to take the leap and book Teresa to propel your organization forward - click here to get in touch.


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