A Healthy State of Physical Wellbeing

Do you ever feel like a couch potato? Especially when you’re going through a rough time in your life? A big change in your life? Yeah? I totally get it. When you’re feeling like all hope is lost, all you want to do is wallow in your grief, sink into the pain and be glued to your couch or bed in the most comfortable clothes. It’s time to reject that feeling, that urge. Because guess what it’s doing to you? It’s deteriorating your physical health and regressing your physical wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get the most out of our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. It’s also about ensuring health, avoiding preventable diseases and conditions, and living in a balanced state of body, mind and spirit. Physical wellbeing is important because it enables everything else. Research has shown that our physical wellbeing has an impact on conditions such as anxiety, depression, and on our stress tolerance and cognitive agility.

But physical wellbeing is much more than good health. It is the direct result of lifestyle choices and our behaviors around sleep, diet, physical activity, hygiene and relaxation that achieve or derail optimal functioning. Do you wake up full of energy and optimism for the day and feel confident about your ability to handle whatever comes your way? Or are you often distracted by pain, headaches, discomfort, and fatigue? Maybe you struggle to complete tasks because you feel foggy or run out of steam. Physical wellbeing drives all of that. But after this process, you can start to regain your physical wellbeing. It’s time to throw out those worn in sweatpants or pyjamas and trade them in for your favorite confidence-boosting activewear.

1 – Movement

Moving your body and fitting in regular exercise into your routine has many benefits including strengthening your muscles, which improves stability, balance and coordination. Movement helps build more durable bones, encourages flexibility and range-of-motion which boosts joint flexibility and joint function. Improves your heart health and your cardiorespiratory endurance.

Pilates addresses the underlying structural imbalances in the body which create pain and difficulty with movement. Pilates helps to retrain dysfunctional movement patterns in the body and eventually restores optimum physical function. Research has proven that Pilates is the only movement practice that heals, strengthens and relaxes the body simultaneously.

The best thing about Pilates is that it’s for everybody, regardless of gender, age, race, size, ability or current fitness level. Other than scientific-based research, this is a big contributor to why it’s been integrated into our Purisoul healing program.

2 – Breathwork

We provide scientific methods in our physical wellbeing sessions that can help you reduce stress in the moment. If you practice it regularly, you may also find that it helps you feel calmer generally. The more you practice, the more effective this breathwork technique becomes.

Breathwork helps put the brakes on acute stress responses and diverts health problems associated with chronic stress. Deep breathing helps you get the lymph flowing properly so that your body can work more efficiently. It also helps control stress levels and the “fight or flight” response that can interfere with everyday life and stand in the way of achieving your goals.

3 – Be Accountable

Accept the fact that you and you alone are responsible for you. No more blaming others for allowing you to wallow in your grief. No more blaming the world for the loss you’ve experienced. No more letting the change control your life when you can take control of that change and find the positivity in the pain and come out through the other side a much stronger person.

At the end of the day, you are the one making the decisions regarding your physical wellbeing. And the first step is holding yourself accountable for your choices. Make that choice to focus on getting back your physical wellbeing and stick by it, day in, day out.

4 – Be Patient, Be Mindful

Patience. This is the harder part. Unfortunately, things don’t always work right away or right off the bat. Healing, even physical, takes time. Physical wellbeing isn’t a goal that’s achieved overnight. Purisoul’s program is customized to your own healing process for a reason.

Mindfulness is the first step to improving your physical wellbeing. Ever heard that phrase “it’s all in your head”? Well, that’s because it really is. Your thoughts shape your actions. A sudden change is something that happens and is unfortunately out of our control. But what we can control is how we react to it, how we let it affect us and what we’re willing to do to overcome that change.

Asian beautiful woman enjoying the sun.

5 – Physical vs. Mental

Looking after your physical wellbeing is not only important for your physical health itself, or because good physical wellbeing will benefit your academic performance. Your physical wellbeing and your lifestyle will also have an impact on your mental wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing is about being safe, sheltered and in good health and it is closely connected to mental wellbeing. Without physical wellbeing, you cannot have mental wellbeing. Your relationships, your career and your finances can be negatively impacted. You will be constantly sidelined by your health and not be able to be a full participant in your own life. If we have good physical health, we will automatically experience better mental and emotional wellbeing.

On the other hand, mental stress and anxiety will put stress on internal organs, increase blood pressure, decrease immune function and upset chemical balances. This is something we’ll be

diving into a little deeper in our next blog so be sure to keep a lookout for more helpful insights behind the purpose of Purisoul.

With scientific methods like breathwork and movement, you can start to feel more fulfilled, flexible, and energized! There’s a sense of assurance in the fact that it’s a process with clear action steps in a customized and catered solution to each individual. Because we all go through our own life changes. A process that works for you might not work for me and vice versa. Remember, it’s not a one-size-fits-all program, it’s a fit-for-you program.

Through your journey, we take a good look at your current physical wellbeing and through scientific methods aim to get you to where you want and need to be. Live an active lifestyle. Live the life you’ve dreamt of living but never got around to realizing. This is your time. Are you ready to embark on this healing journey?

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